Monday, November 16, 2009

Mugs & Cash


lizzysapronstrings said...

Do you sell stickers?? Like for your car that say Acoustic Brew on it?

A wheeler said...

Hi Beth,

No stickers yet

I heard the tape from the show.

Even Nana B can't help sometimes

I had fun

I think I need a new hobby.

I might make picnic tables

Whoo boi

lizzysapronstrings said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A wheeler said...

I remember sitting on the picnic table with you and I had heard the word "B*st*rd" for the first time. (Don't know where) I had never heard it before so to me it didn't sound like a swear. I was sitting across from you and I kept saying it over and over and you kept telling me-MORTIFIED- to "Stop Saying That!! That Is A Swear!! To which I replied, in between repeating the word, "No, it isn't!!" I think you were even looking over your shoulder probably thinking you might get in trouble with mom or dad for not keeping me in control. Hey, I could have got you back for all or your brother antics that day. I should have shouted!! lol
(The truth is you were probably afraid that I was going to get myself in big trouble!)
That is one of my picnic table memories : )
It's ok for you to get a new hobby as long as you keep your old one of strumming. You're great at it!
And by the way, I wasn't calling you that name, I was just amused that I was getting such a reaction from you with this new word I heard.
Beth : )

A wheeler said...

Thanks Beth,
I'm actually taking a night course on blog administration.


A wheeler said...

lol! That was me who deleted! I rewrote my post so that my swear word had some asterisks. : )