Monday, August 17, 2009

Auction Anyone? : )

Thank you John and Mo for a great time last night. I can't wait to see your new/old wares at your home. And John, thank you for adhering to the dress code for the restaurant. I couldn't believe how handsome you looked when you first arrived! I only wish I had gotten a picture! : )
A No Pressure : ) Open Family Invite for lunch and a night at the the Auction Wednesday, August 19th at 6 pm.
Come for lunch~Come to poke around~Come for the Auction
Pick one or pick them all!

Lunch at White Cliffs Restaurant on the patio at 1:30pm. My treat!
Poke around Historical Sandwich...Jarves Street Thrift store (my favorite) and grab a cup of coffee.
Preview Auction early and save a seat at 4:30pm. (I stopped by the Auction today and they said some people are seated in the seats they want to save at 4pm)...So, I guess it's like musical chairs! lol
Auction starts at 6pm with great food for dinner and great desserts to top off the night!
Hope to see you!!


Firstborn Gamache said...

I am majorly bumming right now as my reality has led me back to work and I would have loved to attend!!! Catch me in the fall...hope there are more!!!

Firstborn Gamache said...

It is very late, I should be in bed, and I am reading my post and feeling like grammatically I was a bit challenged...Now officially going to bed...LOL

lizzysapronstrings said...

I'm sorry!
I know, the following week I am starting back! Starting sometime in the fall, the auctions will go back to Saturday nights which will might work out better than in the middle of the week!
Hope your work week is going well.
Love, Beth : )

Anonymous said...

man, if it wasnt Emma's birthday and I didnt have to work..I would be in! Next time!

Middle Gamache said...

There really is nothing better than an auction when you find something that you want. I love it and would love to come down, but we have the children on Wednesday night and can't make it. Count us in for when it is back to Saturday.