Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Fam!


A Wheeler said...

It was a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you Eileen and Ron for a wonderful day : )
We missed the Florence and Vermont Wheelers and we hope you too had a Happy Thanksgiving.
Love, Beth and Joe
P.S. Happy Birthday Michael!

A Wheeler said...

We had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks to all the cooks, the food was wonderful.
Same time next year.
love Eileen and Ron

A Wheeler said...

Hey John,
Great brownies!! Sorry it took me awhile to get room again in my stomach!! I think many of the Wheelers could get together and open up a nice cafe with delicous desserts.
Love, Beth

I'll design the menu : )
We could use Dad's idea for a name...Wheeler Inn and after eating all of these delicious treats we will have to Wheel her out when done!!

A Wheeler said...

Or should I have said, Wheeler out when done : )

Middle Gamache said...

Thank you again for putting on one of the best Thanksgivings that I can remember. Sandy says the same. Let me know when you are looking to pass the torch as we are first in line, but are more than happy to be there again next year, with the monkeys!